Online Programs

The 25 Minute Meeting Mini Course – $24.95

Make every meeting quick, relevant and purposeful.

In this short, but powerful course, you will get:

  • Tips and techniques for better meetings
  • A practical meeting roadmap
  • A bunch of downloadable tools

Get more done with your day

In this short but powerful course, you will learn how to:

  • Recognise the habits that are holding you back
  • Maximise your first 2 hours and set yourself up for daily success
  • Build on your body’s strengths for better performance

The way you plan your day is the key to your productivity and The First 2 Hours shows you how to do great work, consistently.

Productivity Circuit Breaker – $24.95

5 Day Circuit Breaker Challenge

This content was delivered live on Facebook and YouTube over 5 days.

Here you can access all in one place, all the videos, content and downloads.

  • Day 1 – Stop!
  • Day 2 – Take stock
  • Day 3 – Decide
  • Day 4 – Define
  • Day 5 – Design

Licence to Lead – $995.00

10 practical modules to help managers lead their teams effectively.

Topics include:

  1. Critical Thinking (Jul 2021)
  2. Working Smarter Virtually (Oct 2021)
  3. Managing Hybrid Teams (Nov 2021)
  4. Cultivating a Growth Mindset (Dec 2021)
  5. Adapting a Coaching Mindset (Jan 2022)
  6. Conflict Resolution Strategies (Feb 2022)
  7. High Performing Teams (Mar 2022)
  8. Change Management 101 (Apr 2022)
  9. Effective Hybrid Meetings (May 2022)
  10. Emotional Intelligence Awareness (Jun 2022)

What you’ll get:

  • One hour of video content per module
  • Templates and worksheets (as required)
  • One pager summarising the content of each module
  • References and readings for post session review

These sessions are recorded live and then edited for self paced review.  Modules will be uploaded monthly commencing 30th October 2021.