6 Day entrepreneurship course for defence force veterans

Our innovation course starts 21st November, and is giving you the opportunity to pitch for a share of $10,000 in seed funding.


Specifically, you will develop a business idea of your choosing using the course material in class.  The program provides a “hands-on” approach in developing your business mindset and skills, as you will learn and apply the course’s principles through real-life experiences under the guidance of experienced entrepreneurs and business educators.

big picture

How to see the “big picture” and apply your business idea to an innovation process

unconscious bias

How “unconscious bias” is limiting your business thinking and ideation


and testing

Ideating, assessing, developing and testing your business idea through targeted customer research and other innovation tools


and sell

How to present and sell your business concept for seed funding




The 6-Day Innovation Workshop will be held on the following dates:


Day 1: Saturday November 21, 2020

Day 2: Sunday November 22, 2020

Day 3: Saturday November 28, 2020

Day 4: Saturday December 05, 2020

Day 5: Sunday December 06, 2020

Day 6: Sunday December 13, 2020 (Pitch Competition for a share in $10,000)


Each day will run from 9.00am – 4.00pm with lunch and refreshments provided.  


Day 6 incorporates a Pitch Competition whereby all participants will conduct an 8 minute pitch of their business idea to a panel of judges who will determine how the $10,000 will be distributed. 

Where is it located and how to get there?

The course will be held @ Chester Hill RSL Club - 20 Chester Hill Road CHESTER HILL NSW

Click on the link above to determine how you can get to the Club from your home.  

If you live outside of NSW and/or are unable to get to the Club, the course will be streamed online.




All participants will be taught how to prepare a pitch on Day 5 of the course (Sunday December 06).  You will be allowed time during Day 5’s workshop to prepare the pitch receiving advice from the course’s facilitators.

The Pitch Competition will be held on Day 6 (Sunday December 13) – giving you a further week to prepare and tweak your pitch.  

Further, there will be time allowed on Day 6 to rehearse your pitch getting feedback from a course facilitator prior to pitching to the judging panel. Overall, you will have plenty of time and supervision to work on your pitch.

You will complete an 8 minute pitch to the rest of the class and the judging panel.  The judging panel will be able to ask you questions and provide feedback regarding your pitch. Specifically, you will receive verbal feedback immediately after your presentation; and written feedback within 7 days of your presentation.


The judging panel will determine how the prize pool of $10,000 will be distributed to relevant participants.  The distribution of funds will determined based on the product-market fit, feasibility and viability of the business.  The outcomes of the judge’s decision will be provided to all participants in writing within 7 days of the presentation.  Any funding provided to a participant, will be conditional on the basis that the recipient will be spending the money to develop their business via the assistance/guidance of Innoclub.

How does the online option work?

For those who live interstate or in regional NSW, the course will be streamed online in accordance with the course schedule outlined above.  If you choose this option, you will be expected to participate in the class activities and a break-out facility will be provided so that you can receive feedback and guidance as you complete the exercises.  You can also participate in the Pitch Competition via streaming online.  Please note, we cannot accept responsibility if there are problems with the continuity and reliability of your internet connection – however, we will do our best for you.